Reinette’s 70th Birthday Celebration

On the night of the 24th of March 2012, Reinette Terreblance celebrated her 70th birthday at the beautiful Delicatessen, Tokara Wine Estate outside of Stellenbosch.

On arrival each guest was welcomed with a mini grapefruit cocktail and the sound of an accordion player. The evening commenced with memorable speeches …  For main course a selection of French styled meats where served with fragrant Mustard seed and lemony basmati rice. As well as mouth-watering salads topped with creamy Ricotta and a white balsamic and basil dressing.  For dessert, Reinette was surprised with her favourite soft serve ice-cream.

Well done The Aleit Team, your events are always a memorable experience to be part of.

Coordinated by Simone from The Aleit Group

Cuisine: Delicatessen

Venue: Delicatessen, Tokara Wine Estate

Music: Stanislav Angelov

Hiring: Miles from Top Table

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