The Aleit Academy Shoot PART 2

The inspiration behind this shoot was to create an atmosphere that has not yet been created with an Aleit Academy shoot, as all companies associated under the Aleit Brand has created their own innovative styles, designs and new approaches to exhilarate each company in the last year, to proof yet again to be the best in the industry.

Symbolic items have been used to represents what the Aleit Academy is all about.  Each styled individual shoot consisted of structure, vibrance and some of movement including props that will form an indication of the different styles one can find on an academic level or in the event and weddings planning process.

A touch of hierarchy to this shoot was added which is an importance factor throughout The Aleit Group culture standard.  This was accomplished by allocation a touch of colour in each year group outfits.  The first years had to wear black with touches of white. The description of white that represents new, purity and innocence follows hand in hand with this year group that is entering this industry for the first time.

The second years had to wear touches of grey to their outfits. This year group, who are in the middle ground of their academic years, their knowledge in this course and their practical experience in the industry, showcases balance and neutrality which is also the symbolic meanings for the colour that is in between white and black.

The thirds years only wore black. Black symbolises sophistication, formality, elegance, power and style. This indicates that this year group is ready for what will be lying ahead in the hospitality industry.

The four colours that were carried out during the shoot also represented the signature colours of The Aleit Group.

The idea was using different venues and themes for each year group. The difference in venues is a symbol of the versatility of the Aleit Group and Academy…going places and levels that no one else has accomplished. 

Assistant: Marietjie Kroes

Venue: Private Residence

Flowers: Jo-lize from Floral Affairs

Hay Bales: Simonsberg

Stationery: ADesign

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